My drug of choice is writing––writing, art, reading, inspiration, books, creativity, process, craft, blogging, grammar, linguistics, and did I mention writing?


Cast and Crew- Who are these people I keep talking about?

This blog is filled with characters.  Serial commenters, friends, family, the Super Heroes who make up the Hall of Rectitude, professors who taught me at least a third of what I know, the Gods who live among us, and of course the sparkly vampires who have (thus far) escaped extermination.

Writing About Writing Staff- This blog doesn't just write itself.

The W.A.W. compound is staffed several guest bloggers but also security specialists, janitors, cafeteria workers, evil clones, and even some weird guy on the third floor who has a thing about cheese.  I mean a serious thing about cheese.

The Author-  Me.

Mostly. There might be a slight "persona issue" here, but let's not worry about that tool of a guy who walks around with my name and face when I'm not writing for W.A.W.  He's just a total n00b.

Folks Worth Checking Out- Friends, colleagues, and associates who have their own online endeavors worth taking a look at.

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