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Facebook Links

As of today, Writing About Writing has very close to half a million followers on it's Facebook Page. In addition to conforming the laws governing the "lower half of the internet" when it comes to shitty comments and general assholery, I have to field a lot of messages about buying my page, if I have any advice for young writers, will I publish this thing someone has written, and so much more. Sometimes my reach in a given week exceeds four or five million FB users, and unfortunately that's going to statistically encompass some toxic bigots who will feel entitled to sidle into the comments if for no other reason than to prove that denying them a platform to dehumanize others makes me an enemy to free expression.

However, Facebook is also absolutely the main reason my writing reaches the number of people that it does. For that reason, I have had to stuff my nostalgia for the more insular and compassionate community of two years ago down and figure out what kind of admin I want to be as well.

There has also a been lot of demand for posts where people get to share their work, completed or still in progress, and having "rules" posts for these kinds of exchanges keeps me from having to write them over and over again.


Will I post your thing? Will I read your story? Why did I get banned?

Facebook Commenting Policy

Better read it if you don't instinctively play nice. I'm not fucking around.

Beta Reader Introductions Guidelines Post

Every other week we do a beta read/feedback post for those who want to share their work, get, and give feedback. This is the rules and guidelines for such a post.

Work Sharing Guidelines

Every OTHER other week, we do a post where everyone is welcome to share their completed works. This is the guidelines for those posts.