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Guest Blogging

Guest Bloggers Wanted

I'm always looking for someone to give me a day off from this accursed job.  Be sure to read the post about guest blogging thoroughly.  I don't make enough to pay my guest bloggers up front or guaranteed (yet), but if your article does well, I won't keep the fruits of your labor either.

I Would Love to Guest Blog for You

The same mostly goes for blogging for you, although I have a slightly different set of requirements for that since I'm the one doing the writing.


  1. Um, just wondering when you are going to have the rest of the creative writing terms posted??? THANKS!

    1. Yeah, I really let that one fall by the wayside, didn't I? I'm a bit embarrassed by how long some of my unfinished articles and series have gone without attention. I'm hoping to get another letter up in the next week or so (before the end of March) and then keep on at roughly one a month.

    2. I write a personal writing blog, I'm freelance and available to help.

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