My drug of choice is writing--writing, art, reading, inspiration, books, creativity, process, craft, blogging, grammar, linguistics, and did I mention writing?

Mission Statement

Blog Mission Statement

Old Blog Mission Statement

This was my original mission statement:
The Mission of this Blog is to provide a place that will facilitate my ability to:

1-Be able to say “I was just writing about that in my blog” in that really pretentious way that only bloggers can do. Preferably holding a snifter of brandy and while looking at someone through a monocle.

2-Satisfy my writerly exhibitionist need for feedback without the constant irritation of things like letters of rejection.

3-Be able to say “I’m published” at cocktail parties as long as they don’t press to hard on how exactly I’m using the word “published.”

4-Be passive aggressive towards people who have slighted me in an internationally accessible medium. Also preferably holding a brandy.

5- Have fans hanging off of me no matter where I go. Bloggers are the new rockstars.  That's what the dude at the Moleskine Journal Store assured me.

But I found this to be just a little bit too honest for most, so I’ll go with my second round of reasons.

The NEW AND IMPROVED Mission of this Blog is to provide a place where I can (each is its own link):

1-Control What People See When They Do a Google Search

2-Share My Experiences in Real Time

3- Impart what little wisdom I have gathered over the years