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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dental Blues

Well, the visit to the dentist was a good idea.  Mostly because my face would have exploded like a grenade if I hadn't.  Turns out I need a triple root canal.  I'm now on antibiotics and Vicodin.  I'm not loving life too much right this second, but I think I would hate the alternative even more--a three tooth hole in my smile.  Such a disfigurement would definitely make the groupies that much harder to get.  

Anyway, sorry for the disruption in Writing About Writing.  I had intended to introduce the latest addition to the Tuesday rotation last night, but between a Vicodin haze and pain, I just couldn't.  I'm also going to cut TODAY'S entry short because of the various horrors that are going on inside me either from medication, medication's side effect, the infection that is only just starting to fade, or the pain that the Vicodin only takes the edge off.   I'll get the regular Thursday quotes up tomorrow, and I should be able to hit the ground running by Friday.  

However, since I try to give you something of some substance every day, I'll put this link up from Cracked about offensive Hollywood stereotypes.  These aren't just in movies though.  Movies start out with a script written by a writer, and every single one of these stereotypes can be found everywhere in modern literature.  (As much as I enjoy Stephen King, he has several "Magic Negro" characters throughout his books.)

Just remember the usual rules of the internet apply.  Don't read the comments.  Dear god, don't read the comments.


  1. Never read the comments. Unless they're on this blog.

    1. Yes,of course. All the comments here rock socks.