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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Week's Productivity (Audience Participation Encouraged)

Don't forget that the reasons for doing this, the encouragement of your participation, and the guidelines for how to participate if you want to are here.  A robust thread of writers chiming in with their goals and how close they came to them along with encouragement from others would be an AWESOME thing to see here.

This week.

Uncounted Writing*: Current Goal- 20 hours  This week: 30+ hours.  Next Week's Goal: 20 hours.
Word Count:  Current Goal: 7000  This week: About 6000  Next Week's Goal: 7000  
Hours Revising**: Current Goal 15 hours  This Week: 11 hours  Next Week: 15 hours.
Hours Reading***:  Current Goal: 30 hours This Week: 32 hours Next Week: 30 hours.
Submissions: Current Goal 1/month  Made in April: None (yet)
I am working to polish a story called "Penumbra."  It's not my best work, but it is probably my first short story I really felt like I got to the end point, and I'd like to see if I can find a zine or something for it.

*Blogs, journals, promps that will never go anywhere, long G+ replies trying to explain privilege to white, het, males who develop a sudden inability to work Google, etc...
**Any draft that is being completely rewritten rather than picked and poked at counts as writing.
***At least half of this must be fiction.  (Preferably more.)

Still not quite to where I want to be and still probably not hitting the target because of this blog.  (Or my other two jobs depending on how you look at it.) I'm still working on ways to dial back the time commitment to blogging without sacrificing the whole point of what I'm doing here.

 I've got a story rotation I want to do where I submit a story every month, polish a story every month, revise a story every month, and generate a story every month.  It kind of works like a conveyor belt of stories so I give myself four months per story, but there's still something going out at least once a month.  I'm really not into writing short stories, but I know that's the usual way "in" so I better try my best while I'm doing other things too.

Now it's your turn.  Come on!  What do you have to lose ? (Except possibly the pretentious sense that you are going to get somewhere without putting any real effort into it). 

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