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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Facebook Image Meme Potpourri

[Every image in this entry is something I pulled off of Facebook over the last couple of months, so they are viral and they are virtually impossible to attribute.  If I've posted anything that you feel is "yours" (or "your client's" --eeep!) please just tell me what you would like me to do.]

I spent a week in a cornfield before I realized this was some of that poetic bullshit.

So today I'm going to be digging around in the cogs and gears of Writing About Writing to try and clean up some of the links and make sure there's some internal pointy stuff.  Plus I have to keep moving and hiding from the army of ninjas sent by Nanowrimo fans because of Monday's Post.  Thus, laying low in old entries is probably safest for me.  (Nobody will want to go there to look for me.)  No matter how many times I say that the goal is to keep writing after Dec 1st, revise, and improve as a writer, and that I worry about the damage Nano can do to newly starting writers, some Nanobots will always get the take away message that I don't think they should bother.

Grammarly.com (or like them on FB--funny stuff!)
Sadly, I know people who simply would not be told that jumping up and running a marathon is foolish and they have chronic injuries now (seriously, I know someone like this--their knee won't bend right even four years later), and I know a COUPLE OF DOZEN people who tried to just do Nano on a lark and they now hate creative writing or think they aren't cut out to be writers or are simply miserable (see below for how to be a miserable artist).  So if I'm snarky, think of it more as Dr. House snarky and not random asshole bully who doesn't know what he's talking about snarky.  I just don't want to see writers get hurt, taken advantage of, or make fools of themselves.  If Chris Brecheen is telling to be careful about being pretentious, the shit just got real, lemmie tell ya!

And yes, dissing Nano in the slightest is the fastest way short of culture war political posts on Facebook or actively committing genocide to get scratched off some Christmas lists, so if you've been holding back that comment about how you like my plucky style for just the right moment, it would be like sweet aloe vera on some of these burns I've gotten in the last couple of days.  Unlike Dr. House, I'm a big baby when it comes to those meanies on Reddit downvoting me in my face.

In the meantime, enjoy some images I've been stockpiling off of Facebook...


See.  THIS is why I act like I'm twelve!

I hope I get a page a lot like this one day.


This is why no one enjoys the lack of realism in speculative fiction.


Yeah....nothing I possibly wrote here could add to this.

More for visual artists, but I can't think of one that can't apply to writers with a little tweaking.

Kindles change this story into one of self replicating cyber programs cluttering up the drive, but the themes are the same.

End on your best point.

But not from people who just don't want you to hurt yourself, right Mark?

[Do you want to be featured in potpourri along with a few words from me about how awesome you are?  Do you know a great writing link that I should share? Please send it to me at chris.brecheen@gmail.com, and I will post it along with a shout out singing your praises (unless, of course, you don't want one).  There are four caveats to this.  Please read them before you send me stuff.  Don't worry, they're pretty basic, and they won't bite.]

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