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Friday, January 4, 2013

The Best Scifi/Fantasy Series Quarterfinals Round 3

So guest blogger Ima Lister asked me for an extension on his (and I quote) "Fight Club article; it's gonna be good."  I have no idea what he has planned but tune in tomorrow to find out.  In the meantime, it's time for January's poll.  Round 3 of the best scifi/fantasy series.

Why isn't this the finals?  Well because enough of you wrote in your choices that I'm going to be able to run two more polls.  That'll give us a list of the top twenty.  Those I'll mix up and put in two semifinal polls and the winners of those will go on to the big cahoona moona--which might have to start as an "elimination"to get us down to fewer choices.  It's going to be epic--in most cases literally.

So, by way of reminder the last two poll results are here and here.  So far the list of "survivors" going on to the semi-finals is:

The Song of Ice and Fire--GRR Martin
Lord of the Rings--JRR Tolkein
Dune--Frank Herbert
Harry Potter--JK Rowling
Dragonriders of Pern--A McCaffery

The Dark Tower--S King
Chronicles of Jhereg S Brust
Vampire Chronicles A Rice
Xanth Saga P Anthony
Chanur Saga CJ Cherryh

The poll is in its usual place down on the bottom left.  I know the poll doesn't show up on the mobile version of this site, and I'm not sure I have the skill to fix something like that.  If you switch to the web version, you should see it.  Everyone will get three votes.  I know some of these choices are a little less well known than others (a couple I haven't even heard of), so if you only recognize one or two, that's okay.  Just vote on the ones you do know and remember that the fewer choices you make, the more your vote counts for so if you can only think of one you'd like to see move on to semifinals, your vote will count for more if you just vote for the one.

The poll is pretty crowded.  I've already had to edge a couple of series out because of the author repeats.  So I think I'm going to have to put the breaks on new write in submissions unless you haven't written in yet, an you are WILDLY passionate about a series that hasn't shown up yet.  But please check the prior polls.  I got a lot of people saying "How could you leave out Lord of the Rings!" this month because they just didn't check to see that it was already in the last round.


  1. How could you leave out the Clockwork Century novels by Cherie Priest?!?

    1. I can put this series in the last quarterfinal poll. I used an internet list and offered to let people write stuff in. The poll became a semifinals poll. Then more people wrote in and they became quarterfinal polls.