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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sharing is Caring. Link Pimp.

This strangely random picture perfectly compliments
this strangely random entry.
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I'm giving y'all a quick link pimp today because I usually take Tuesday's off, but this week I had some news to share.  I'm still working to bring you the next installment of my creative non-fiction, and tomorrow's Mailbox from an evangelical Christian, among others, should be...interesting.

But before I share a couple of links that writers might appreciate...


I'd ask you all to take a moment to go down to the bottom left where you can see the sleek, black poll there with the radio buttons.  It'll take about ten seconds and it will help me a lot with deciding where to allocate my writing spoons.  I can't keep up this pace (not for two dollars a day) AND write lots of fiction AND teach classes AND be a housekeeper AND be Uncle Joey from full house.  If I were making $1000 a month, I could cut some of that other stuff out, but I'm about $950 short.

Did I mention there's a bacon option??  There is totally a bacon option.

I'll probably take the poll down tomorrow or Saturday.  And I will be disappointed if the results are as close as they are now.  I was sort of hoping for a clear winner.

Stephen Spielberg says the movie industry is about to implode.  Pay close attention to what he's saying though.  Sound familiar?  It should.  Echos of this are happening all throughout the art world.  Yes, even in writing.  And this is pretty close to what the music industry has already gone though.  Niche markets are important, and they are being ignored in favor of the broadest possible marketability by mega-industries.  But niche markets are starting to gain popularity through back doors.  Which isn't entirely unrelated to....

Self-Published e-books reach 20% of market share. In case you don't know market share is money being spent, not what's available out there.  That's a fifth of the money spent on genre being spent on self publication.  This is not a flash in the pan, my friends.  And as a friend pointed out when I posted this on Writing About Writing's Facebook Page, crap has always existed in published works.  All this has removed is the gatekeeper and what they (with their largely homogeneous bias in taste) think is crap worth shoveling out because it might sell, and literature worth putting out even though it might not sell.  Self-publishing is removing their opinions from the matter and letting the readers decide.

Also...I told you so.

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