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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May's Best 2014 ('n stuff)

"Better than all the rest."
-Sing it Tina!
The best articles from May (plus some other crap not too many of you will care about).

The following articles will go on to uberfame and glory in the Best of Writing About Writing. They will join the elite cadre of articles from each month, enjoy lives of fame and fortune, red carpet receptions, dodging the paparazzi, and best of all, will have no trouble getting laid at the glitzy parties they will enjoy every night–at least if they drop their name.

Sunday Rerun Day (I'm not sure why this did quite so well, but it did)

I have two articles which I'd like to give honorable mention because even though I wouldn't normally post them here, they totes deserve to be pointed at and told that they're the fucking bomb. One is a post that actually did better than "Sunday Rerun Day" but is time sensitive so it won't go on to the hall of fame.  (I usually don't post things like the polls, even though those posts do very well, since they are obsolete by the next month.) That is my post about donating 1/3 of all June's proceeds here at Writing About Writing to the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter. If you don't know about that yet, you should check it out--now is the time to donate!

The other is an article I wrote on another blog. It has quickly become my second most read article of all time (even better than 20 Ways to Sabotage Yourself) at something like 15,000 page views and growing. I'm honored and excited to see Ace of Geeks catch a tiny bit of the attention they've worked so hard for, and thrilled that I could be a part of helping that to happen. Though it is technically about geek culture and the "fake geek girl" phenomenon, rather than about writing, I know there is a lot of overlap in my audience, so I thought I would point it out.  (The link will take you to the Ace of Geeks blog.)

May was a great month. Truly. The best month in terms of numbers that I've had yet that wasn't boosted by the viral phenomenon of Creepy Guy. We almost, almost, almost made 1000 page views every single day in May; we missed by only one day. Another patron muse joined the the ranks. And I've managed to figure out how to schedule my writing life around the new realities of child care. I did a podcast. And I kept up a blogging schedule despite some pretty challenging pitfalls. 

If all 36,276 of you could send me a dollar a month, this blogging thing would work out a lot better for me. 
June is going to be...a challenge. In mid-month I will start teaching summer school. It's only three days a week, and only a few hours a day. While I'm on "vacation" I'm working to get some fiction written and hopefully set myself up so that I can maintain an update schedule and summer school without going a little crazy like I did last year. However, if I can't quite keep up for those six weeks, that's the reason why.


  1. I have faith that more excellent stuff is forthcoming. I await it, tea in hand.