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Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Post to the Subscribed

So Cedric may have told you how I'm at my mom's place for a few days. (And I'm sure that's all he told you too. Possibly more details when I get back.) We're doing our visit before Christmas, so I can see The Contrarian's first Christmas. And shopping. It's really so very nice to get a break from sidekicking for a few days. Yes, it really is.

I may not have as much time to write as normal, so he's going to try to whip up some Guest Bloggers and I will work on a couple of things I've gotten half written already. The thing is that they are tough to light a fire under, so I might be a little behind for a few days.

Cedric has decided to run a "Best of the past..." on the social media where we share things. However, if you are following W.A.W. through an RSS feed or directly on Blogger, I just wanted to let you know that posts might be sporadic or weirdly timed until I get back.

Man, I hate things that mess with my routine.

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