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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cancer Update

We are home. The first round of chemo went well. And just so you understand "going well" for chemo is pretty much total ass from beginning to end. This enters the territory of things I wouldn't wish on enemies.

Uberdude went back to work programming crime fighting robots today and we immediately felt the absence.

The Contrarian got sick, so regular childcare in the mornings isn't an option right now. I'm still kicking down 16 hour days between housework, watching the kid, running errands, and directly helping out from minute to minute. I have had to ferret away a few minutes to write–mostly e-mails and a few journal scribblings.

While I hope bigger and better posts are coming soon, they might honestly not be ready until next week. I'll put up the best magic system poll tomorrow and if I can pull off some magic myself, by Friday I should have something to show for this week.

I don't have much of a folksy wisdom lesson to dispense today. This is as good as it will get.

1) Fuck cancer.

2) Though I'll write more about this soon, if you or someone you love gets some horrible illness or injury, just remember your relationship to writing. If it's your cute little hobby that you don't mind shoving to the back burner, fine. But if it's your lifeline, you keep that sucker tethered and find a few minutes to keep smithing words. If you're like me, writing is important to being someone else's support as rest and eating right. No matter HOW busy you get, you have to remember that. Writing isn't an interruption that takes you out of your emergency. For you, it's the tunnel through.

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  1. Oh. I haven't checked in here for a while and didn't realise you were so unwell. (I was starting from most recent and going back)Thanks so much for writing it. And sincere best wishes sent your way that things work out ok. The reason I hadn't checked in for a while is cos mum (in her early 80s)was diagnosed with cancer and then it was terminal (she's mainly pissed off cos she's on so many pills now although I have noticed that while she was always brutally honest in her opinions, I can now see how hard she held back all those years) - she was an oncology nurse for years so was realistic from day one.

    I have spent the past couple of months wondering what I had forgotten to do. Did I forget a specialist appointment? a prescription? pay the rent? a relative flying in from interstate I forgotten to pick up from the airport who was coming to see Mum? feed the cat? (no chance). I even dreamed about the something I had missed doing. I read your post and it clicked. I forgot to write. How could I do that? And how could you target it so well?

    Thank hugely - will set a ridiculously modest daily target which will definitely help me to cope better.

    Walk tall and thanks again