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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year's Housekeeping/January's Goals

If you've been around Writing About Writing for a little while, you know that every year marks a bit of a shuffle. It's probably a good thing that our Star Wars writing review has to be postponed again because it had already missed the window of topical Star Wars mania, and the only way I'm going to bring anything real to it is to come around when jets have cooled with something a little more thoughtful.

It's not that we're any stranger to jazz hands around here, but the start of the new year is a particularly jazzy time.

  • I usually take a day or two off to finish up thank you notes for the year, and this year will be no exception since the health crises and holidays conspired to keep me from finishing up. (I hate form letters, so I only use a rough template....which means they take many many hours.)  And I simply have to finish these criminally overdue thank you notes before....
  • I'll be thanking donors in a big 2015 donor thanking post. 
  • Reviewing policies for the new year like the donation response policy
  • Recapping December's best posts and then doing a 2015 Best Post by year and month

One thing I can kick off early is that we won't have to have a big separate entry for 2016's goals since we haven't hit any of 2015's old goals.  Not a sausage. We'll just roll those over into the next year and try to work smarter instead of harder. If people could stop spending more time in hospitals than not this next year, that would be splendid.

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  1. Oh, hey, re: donors... I will send you some screenshots of the Adwords campaign. Because I am lazy you pretty much got my $1/day all year :) You have benefited from intertia!