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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Best YA for Young Women (Last Chance to Vote) + Personal Update

Now you all know what my bed frame looks like.
My current non-blogging schedule is a bit overwhelming, and like Loverboy, I'm working for the weekend. Or at least I'm working for Sunday since Saturday is going to be a bit busy as I head to a local amusement park all day but Sunday I'm completely off and Friday shouldn't be too bad since I'm only working for a couple of hours and then I'll pop over to Cap's to try to catch the last of Sense8.

That's harder to cram into a single beat, though.

Our current quarterfinal poll is in need of some tie breaking votes.  There's currently a THREE WAY tie for fourth place, and if I'm going to figure out which four titles should go on to the semifinal rounds, I could use your help.

The Harper Hall Trilogy, The Raven Boys, and Wee Free Men all have 14 votes.
Will no one save us from this terrible ambiguity?
The poll is on the right hand side at the bottom of the side menus, and you can go here if you want the description. 

Last week was....well it was one of those events where snarky protagonists in modern shows would get through and then say, "So that happened." I spent an awfully long time two weekends ago on a series of posts that will be of use in admining in an increasingly large following on Writing About Writing's Facebook Page. It was a long and tough slog through a lot of writing I had almost no interest in doing and gave me flashbacks to my brief stint writing web content. When I was done, I was so, so done. I decided to take a day off from blogging and resign myself to some jazz hands over the week. I figured by the weekend or certainly by the next week (that's the start of THIS week) I would be back in business.

Then the fire nation attacked.

Well technically I just got an unexpected kid wrangling shift dropped on me during the prime writing time that was to be prep for the weekend articles, but if you've ever watched a three year old, you might long for the halcyon days of of gentle fire nation attacks. It was the sort of lovely opportunity to spend some time with The Contrarian that I will never turn down, but it meant that Friday and Saturday's posts were not going to get written. And since then I've been struggling to catch up while getting even more such hours heaped on me.

This was also my first week at a new job. I say "job" but I mean side gig. I don't so much have a day job anymore as I have a series of side gigs that holds my writing life together in a manner vaguely analogous to several rats in a trenchcoat trying to buy a pizza. In addition to the nanny gig and the summer school gig and the freelancing gig, I'm house and pet sitting these days, which while it affords me with time to write and a bit of cash, also needs some getting used to. It just takes longer to get settled into someone else's house. Routines aren't mapped in new places and everything takes a little longer, even just settling into a good groove. I'm even just more distractible in a new environment. I'll have to remember that when I schedule writing sessions. Blocks of time will have to account for the "slow burn" of the job.

Regardless there are posts coming (even half written) in the next few days but until the deluge of extra work ebbs a bit, I may need to spread them out and intersperse a little with jazz hands.

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