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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Best YA Marketed to Young Women (4th Quarter Final Results)

Lots of huge stuff going on in my life right now, and I'm certain that I'm going to drop a couple of balls in the next week (this by way of an early warning system to be gentle with my upcoming shitshow posting).  But the poll stuff is pretty easy to stay on top of, and I will probably fail less spectacularly at that.

I have to tell you all, I'm really pleased at how the semifinals are shaping up. There are some really awesome titles and the choices will not be easy.

It's always a little weird when a title gets no votes. Like someone nominated it as the BEST book. Shouldn't they vote for it?  Maybe they see all the other titles and think "Yep, forgot about that one. It's even better.

Results in text below.

Anyway, because four and five were so close together, I'm going to pull both of them into the semifinals, which should be up tomorrow.

Thank you all so much for participating.

A Wrinkle in Time - M. L'Engle 52 32.91%
Harper Hall - A. McCaffrey 36 22.78%
Nancy Drew - Various Authors 33 20.89%
Old Kingdom Series - G. Nix 18 11.39%
Lunar Chronicles - M. Meyer 17 10.76%

Glass Houses - R. Caine 2 1.27%
Delirium - L. Oliver 0 0%

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