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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Best YA Marketed to Young Women (Quarter Final 3 Results)

What is the best book (or series) marketed to young women?

Just a quickie here. I'm working on a bunch of non-blog writing today, and trying to catch up on some physical chores that have gone neglected for long enough that my room is one skull pyramid shy of being a post-apocolyptic set for the next Terminator movie.

*looks at the time* And I'm falling behind on all of it. Those Sunday afternoon naps really cut into the day, don't they?

I might shift a bunch of stuff next week around to continue catching up. It'll be the first time in....years(?) that I've had two quiet weeks in a row, and I really want to keep taking advantage of it. So if that happens, look for the final quarter final early tomorrow.

But here are the results of this, the third quarter final. Top four titles will go on to our semifinal round.

Results in text form below.

The Will of the Empress - T. Pierce 61 28.64%
Cinder - M. Meyer 39 18.31%
The Finishing School Series - G. Carriger 36 16.9%
The Ruby in the Smoke - P. Pullman 31 14.55%

Jacob Have I Loved - K. Patterson 24 11.27%
The Fault in our Stars - J. Green 9 4.23%
Mairelon the Magician - P. Wrede 9 4.23%
Podkayne of Mars - R. Heinlein 4 1.88%

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