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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

February's Best

I don't normally do a post on Wednesdays (Wednesday is a long nanny day for me, Tuesdays are ten-hour, two-job days, and I'm usually still catching up from a late night on Monday, so by Wednesday I need a day off), but I have a little extra time this week, and I'm very behind on these "Best of" posts, so I figured that could be today's post.

But here are the posts from February that will be going on to untold fame in The Greatest Hits.

Saying Goodbye and Peak Orangosity (Tribute)

These posts were #1 and #2 respectively, but I'm putting them both as a single entry since the first one was little more than a "I won't be able to make a post today" that just happened to pique a lot of people's interest. In February I said goodbye to my feline companion of 17 years.

Social Justice Bard vs. Milo the Troll

Is Milo really just the poor maligned edgy champion of free speech he claims to be?

The People in my Life/The People in My Fiction

M wants to know where the line is in bringing real life people into one's characters.

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