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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Best Modern Fantasy by a Woman or Gender Variant Person of Color (Last call for nominations and seconds)

What is the best modern fantasy written by a woman or gender variant person of color? 

I am excited to run polls that don't just celebrate the same 20-30 white guys over and over, but I really need your help to see those polls succeed.

We totally need more nominations!

Be sure and drop the comment ON THE ORIGINAL POST or it will get lost in the crossfire. That's also where you'll find the rules if you're confused about anything. There was a time when I could really go round and gather up all the breadcrumb nominations from all the various social media and posts, but things are way too busy now.

Seconds are also needed. (And thirds. And fourths.) I won't be doing endless quarterfinal and elimination rounds. I will find a number somewhere between 8 and 22 of the most "seconded" titles. And there will either be two quick semifinal rounds or just the final round. I know that three and beyond aren't actually "seconds" but do yo

So drop a nomination or two and second everything you want to see on the poll.

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