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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Day Needed

Hi all,

I need a day.

Big feels. Mostly about a country that has decided that the bodies of murdered children are just the cost of doing business. I still take my shoes off for every flight, endure seven Benghazi probes because "something something American lives," and listen to the justification of all manner of LGBTQIA+ bigotry be because "won't someone think of the children," but this is apparently just something liberals need to get over.

But also a little peep I'm very, very fond of (my favorite peep in the whole world, in fact) is going to start school this year. Today, at least, I literally can't even.

Mostly big feels bring me to the page, and turn into big posts. Today is no exception. I'm hate typing as hard as I can without the keys popping off my keyboard and flying under the desk and bed. If you know me, you know I usually take my laptop into my pillow fort and come out swinging as soon as the Ben and Jerry's is gone. Today is no exception.  And I'll want to make sure I fine tooth comb what I'm writing and dot all the i's.

So give me a day.


  1. So I literally grew up a 20 minute drive from MSD. My high school competed against theirs intramurally, I have friends who attended school there a quarter of a century ago, who's children have friends there now. I have a friend who teaches there. When they talk about "hitting home" this is exactly that. Parkland is a suburban utopia of doctors, lawyers and half million dollar starter homes. Two days before it was named one of the safest places to raise your kids.

    I get so angry about the AR-15. My husband was in the Navy. Before he was allowed near one, he went through training and certifications to be qualified. Not to mention a psych eval before ever being enlisted. But we just fucking give this gun to someone we wouldn't sell a beer, for fuck's sake. And bump clips? There is no sane, rational reaaon a civilian ever needs them.
    If there is a devil, the NRA does his work.

  2. I am so sorry 😢 big love to all the parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, aunts, friends of anyone going to school xxxx