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Monday, February 5, 2018

A Quick Note to the Readers of Writing About Writing (Meta/Personal)

Hi everyone,
Shocked look purely for clickbait.

While I'm 90% sure I could just skip a post and I'd be the only one who would ever notice, I'd like to give you a quick update to let you know what's going on today (and for the rest of the week).

We're going a little light this whole week for a few reasons. I'll still get you some mailbox action and something you can sink your teeth into by Friday, but the whole week will be a slightly lighter fare– mostly because of the folks who have contributed financially to make sure that weeks this fluffy aren't our usual.
  1. I have ONE MORE thing to do to finish up the 2017 year, and that is get my $25 Patrons and upper level Kickstarter backers an "Inside Scoop" letter. This is the closest thing I have to exclusive content. All my updates and writing advice (and my every passing political thought and nerdery if you're over on my Facebook) and even my fiction are always going to be free, so this one tiny bit of personal update and preview of coming attractions is a small way I have of saying thanks.
  2. I owe my $10 Patrons some "Early Access" stuff, so I'm going to get that done and put it up as EA for next week instead of seconds-before-the-deadline this Friday .
  3. Lots of "Job 3" hours this week. Which I love because I love The Contrarian, but despite my best efforts to turn that positivity into extra time with which to write, I haven't perfected the flow of quark-rich antineutrinos into the time dilation stabilizer, so for now I just have to acknowledge that it's going to put me behind.
  4. I have to wrap up our current poll, start a new one with nominations, get the best of January up, and generally do some of those jazz-handy-er posts anyway, so I might as well do them this week when I'm half buried in this other stuff.

Two other things:
  • Big thanks to everyone yesterday who took a moment to sign up to be a Patreon or who raised their contribution because of yesterday's post. All those $1s and $5s added up fast, and I'm mostly recovered from January's loss. I think this may have been the best response to an appeals post yet. You all take my breath away.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for poll information this week. I'll start our new poll, and get the results of our current poll posted. Last chance to vote!

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