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Monday, June 10, 2019

Announcement: Speaking Engagement

So I'm doing a thing this week. Friday to be exact. And if you're near Dominican University (in San Rafael) you're welcome to come watch me make a complete wanker of myself.

That's me. Second row in the middle. The panel is called Write for your Life.

And I'm panicking a little and my imposter syndrome is flaring a little lot. "Wait there's an honorarium? How have I managed to trick you into believing that I'm not a total fraud?"

This is going to muck up our schedule here for the week. Wednesday and Thursday I have my usual light fare plans, but THIS is what I'm going to do on Friday, so there won't be a regular post. At all. I'll be radio silent. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. However, I will be cleaning up the post I'm going to do for the reading, and I will put that up on Saturday in all it's revised and polished splendor.

And by next week we should be back on schedule. Never a dull moment, eh?


  1. It's only half a continent away. If I leave now I can make it! Well, maybe not. Best o' luck, Chris. May the force be ever in your corner.

  2. Best of luck, Chris - they're lucky to have you.