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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Best Post Apocalyptic Book (or Series) [More Nominations and Seconds Needed]

What is the best post apocalyptic book (or series)?

We need more books for our next poll, and I'm going to keep shortening the time we spend on them now that we have a hang of the new rules.

We have a decent poll unfolding with some really cool books, but it could use more titles. So please pop over to the original page (very important), read the rules (including the new rules), and drop a nomination or an undersung hero. 

I'll be putting this poll together next week.

Remember, go to the original page or it won't count. Not a comment here. Not a comment on the Facebook post. Not Tumblr. HERE.


  1. For me it will always be John Wyndham’s ‘The Chrysalids’. A book that hasn’t aged at all, though it doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s reading list these days. I first read it when I was about seven and have been reading it about once a year ever since, always getting more nuance out of it.

  2. 😭 I only have French books in mind and I'm pretty sure they weren't translated... Too bad