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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Writer is Sick!

I have been struggling against some mild sniffles for a couple of days, but last night I started having fever dreams (something about needing to get on top of small hills in order to be able to see the lay of the land which was vital to progressing in Fallout 4.....for like five hours) and I woke up with my throat burning and a cough. Ever since I had the croup in childhood, my coughs are always these horribly nasty whooping things as well so they make my throat hurt even more. There's also a couple of degrees of fever up in this bad boy and a pounding headache.

I'm not dying (I think) but I am very, very uncomfortable, and no fit shape to do any writing.

So today I'm going to get that poll result up, and not much else. And tomorrow we'll start the new poll. And I'm going to beg you all for clemency for dragging that out as jazz hands. And then my plan is to put up posts over the weekend (two a day if I can manage it) to bring us back up to our regular output.

Remember, not every day is going to be a 2500 word count day. Some days, life happens. But if you write a little something to keep your fire burning and your wordsmith honed, then when the planets are aligning a little better, you can really chug it out.

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