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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Best Non-European Fantasy (Results)

Results copied and pasted below.
We're down a guest post this morning, so I thought I'd wrap up July's poll (you know...since we're almost half way through August now).

I don't have much to add here in the way of commentary. I was a little surprised at how robust the nomination process was and how limited the interest was in voting. That's probably the lowest turnout we've had in two or three years.

I'm sure the lack of enthusiasm has more to do with me than anything. Moving and personal life changes kept me away from the blog and its promotion even though I didn't technically put it on hiatus.  Hopefully there will be more turnout for our Aug/Sept poll: Best Modern Sci-Fi novel or series.  (Nominations are going on now.)

Earthsea–U. LeGuin 12 23.08% 23.08%
Kiki's Delivery Service–E. Kadono 8 15.38% 15.38%
Hundred Thousand Kingdoms–N.K. Jemisin   7 13.46% 13.46%
Lord of Light–Zelazny 6 11.54% 11.54%
Empire Trilogy–Feist & Wurts 6 11.54% 11.54%
Haroun and the Sea of Stories–S. Rushdie 5 9.62% 9.62%
Throne of the Crescent Moon–S. Ahmed 5 9.62% 9.62%
Monkey and The Monk A. C. Yu and Wu C 3 5.77% 5.77%


  1. I'm really surprised that "Bridge of Birds" didn't make it onto the list.

    I don't know whether Guy Gavriel Kay's "Sailing to Sarantium" qualifies, but if it does, I'm really enjoying it.

    And -- last thought -- I'm surprised not to see more non-Western authors on the list.

  2. I missed the window to nominate the Range of Ghosts series. But Earthsea really is amazing work.