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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Best Obscure Book (Semifinal Round 1)

What is the best book that no one seems to have heard of?   

"But Chris. If no one has ever heard of it, how will they vote for it?"

"Yes well, I think that–"

"I second the complaint."

"You can't second complaints!  This is a nominations page."

"I also second the complaint!"

"What? What the hell is happening here."

"Bring your guns. Bring your knives. This poll complicates our lives. Kill the Chris. Kill the Chris. Through the mist. Through a wood...."

This is exactly how it went.

I get this. I do. I knew it from the moment I thought to myself "Self, that would be a really neat monthly poll," I know a few of you have offered up your beloved but obscure favorites to the nomination gods only to have their very obscurity be the reason no one threw them a second.

And on that level, I encourage everyone to simply view the nominations themselves as a really awesome list of book recommendations. The titles I know are great, and I'm looking forward to putting the ones I've never heard of on my TBR list. I've tried just opening up post comments to recommendations, but the response is usually lukewarm. The inherent competition of a poll seems to bring out a more enthusiastic response.

And yet.....

And yet....there were more nominations with seconds than in half a dozen prior polls. Readers are clearly fired up about this poll topic. So at some level, these titles are not TOO obscure to have been read by a few different voracious bibliophiles.

I know this means you might not recognize half the titles on the poll, and that the poll numbers may be conspicuously low compared to other polls (please only vote for books you've read), but it will still be an interesting exercise.

Everyone will get four (4) votes. The top five titles will go on to our final poll. I will tabulate the results of this semifinal poll in one week. 

The poll itself is at the bottom of the left side, right beneath the "About the Author" section.


  1. Huh, I haven't read any of them other than Principia, and I really can't vote for it. It's a THING, but I wouldn't say it's a _great_ thing.