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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Best Horror Book (Last Week to Vote!)

What is the best horror genre book (or series)? Come vote while there's still time! 

Tired of listicles that just TELL you the best books in a given genre? Then Writing About Writing's polls are for you. Our readers nominated all the titles that you now get to vote on to see who goes on to untold fame and glory and who gets a lovely set of steak knives.

Please remember that you are voting on BOOKS. If you find Stephen King to be unbearably prolix and thought It needed 300 pages of editing to not be a goulash of self-indulgent tangents, but you loved that CGI clown in the movie, please vote for something else.

One week remains in this poll. Technically almost eight days, but results WILL be going up on Halloween. Vote now or forever hold your peace.

Everyone will get three (3) votes. 

The poll itself is on the bottom left of the side menus, below the "About the Author." If you are using a mobile device, switch to "desktop view" and scroll AAAAAAAAAAALL the way down.

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