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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Best Modern Science Fiction (Nominations and Seconds Needed)

What is the best science fiction book (or series) written between 1976 and 2000?  

Hey folks.

Let me say two things. First, this is your moment. This is your time. It's all about you now. You're the only one that can save us. You know every single time these polls go live, some righteously indignant follower says "How can you have Suchandsuch poll without Soandso title? It negates the entire validity of the poll." The thing is, these polls are always based on YOUR nominations. So nominate Soandso!

Also....a few of you need to check the publication dates of your nominations. Several of them are not within 1976-2000. We have a separate category for 2001 to present.

Check out the rules in THE ORIGINAL POST and also remember to go THERE to nominate or it won't count. Don't nominate a book in a comment here. ESPECIALLY don't nominate on a comment at Facebook. Not Tumblr. HERE.

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