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Friday, September 10, 2021

Best Fantasy That COULD Stand Alone, But Doesn't (Results)

It was probably a mistake to think that I could drop into a new childcare schedule this week, still be adjusting to three types of transitions (and going through some tough personal stuff), all while in the final week of moving out of one place and into another, AND get up all my blog posts on time, but I really didn't want to take more than a week's vacation. However, even with a guest post just waiting to go and two half-finished articles in the hopper, I ended up…well, let's say the past couple of days, I've learned some valuable lessons.

Fortunately, today I can just post the results of the conversation we've been running for the past few weeks—what are the best Fantasy books that are technically a part of a series but could absolutely, unswervingly stand alone.

We didn't get a lot of seconds this time around, so there's not much excitement in ordering the list.


The Curse of Chalion, LM Bujold 2

Tehanu, U. K. LeGuin 2

Ozma of Oz, L. F. Baum 2

Monstrous Regiment, T. Pratchett 2

The Giver, L. Lowry 2

To Green Angel Tower, T. Williams

The Silver Sun, N. Springer

Wee Free Men, T. Pratchett

The Psammead/Five Children and It, E. Nesbit

The Bear and the Nightingale

A Wizard of Earthsea, U. K. LeGuin

Dragonsbane, B. Hambley

Lord Valentine's Castle, R. Silverberg


Jhereg, S Brust

The Bone Doll's Twin, L. Flewelling

[I really wanted to get all these lists updated on our master list over my staycation, but I ended up doing a lot of moving instead. That process, and I'm really hoping some of the rest of these rough transitions, are almost over.]

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