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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Tuesday Report 3/15/22

Quick Personal Update/Cancer Update- 

My cancer update is going to become a broader health update from now on and start focusing a lot more on the "personal" part. I'm not entirely better, and the mental and emotional aspects of my recovery are going to take longer than the physical. However, I am starting to move past some of the emotional roadblocks. It might have been easier to just put this blog on hiatus for three months, but I wanted people to see the messy parts in real time.

This last week, I got handfasted to Rhapsody. And most of the week, I was dealing with company being in town for that. 

Weekly Schedule Adjustments-

Tomorrow I have a post about the handfasting ceremony and vows (even though they weren't really VOWS per se). It's a little off our usual fare here, but I feel like I need something on the personal front to balance out all the cancer posts. On Thursday I'm going to cover one of the last of my "Updated for 2022" posts, and Friday, I actually have an actual mailbox post like from the before time! And it might be ambitious, but I'm hoping for a Not Writing About Writing post this weekend.

Clearly I'm still struggling to get back to my regular schedule. I made a choice back in December to take just a couple of weeks off and try to do SOME writing rather than take a multi-month break. I know it has made me seem a little flakey to have only a couple of posts a week, and most of them fluffy, but I actually got a lot more done that way. 

Novel Progress-

I'm closer and closer to being able to start back in on my fiction. If I didn't have a NWAW post AND patrons who need some newsletters and stuff, I'd probably be starting that this week. So it'll probably be April before I am actually sitting down and writing words, but I'm so close, I can taste the clich√©.

Behind the Scenes-

I've got a few pictures from my Disneyland trip and some pictures from the handfasting that I'm going to put up on my selfies Patreon tier, and definitely now that things are slowing down, it's time to write those Patron newsletters. 

And lastly, just a note of thanks. I'm still working on getting back to my old self and my old posting schedule, but I feel like I've turned a lot of big corners lately, and it's really been breathtaking to have so many people support me through this lull. Y'all are fucking amazing.

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