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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stepping Up my A Game--Well...My B+ Game, Anyway.

The Prometheus post just overtook my grammar potpourri post last night, so it's now the most page views I've ever gotten on a single post.  This is cool, but it has some implications.

In general I've watched my page views creeping up.  Nothing has gone viral or anything, but I now wake up to more page views than I used to get all day.  And even though I'm going to get fewer page views this month than last, that's because I stopped posting something every day, and started taking weekends off.  In terms of views-per-post, I'm still crawling upward.   Each time I get more views, I kind of start taking the whole blog project more seriously.  So a bellwether like "most hits for a single entry" kind of has the effect of 80's power chords in terms of motivation.  Somewhere between validation of the past and responsibility to the future, I feel a second wind to step up my efforts.  I know my "A game" is probably going to take more than triple digit page views and a hundred dollars a year to coax out, but I do kind of get inspired to take it up a notch.

I need to:

-Kick off the last few reliquary topics I've been thinking about adding
-Finish the Glossary
-Get more than two or three products on the resources review
-Flesh out the "lists" that are only two or three things long.
-Stop getting distracted by summer and actually write out ahead of myself so I can be better about proofing and stuff
-Clean up my short fiction and put some of it up here
-Stop talking about it


  1. So if you're interested in blogging as part of your career, Joy, of Oh Joy!, a blog with tremendous stats, is also coming out with a new book in September that might be useful: http://amzn.com/1452107203

    Other than that, I might also explore other opportunities for advertising outside of the Google Platform.

    1. There's definitely a sweet spot for me. I'm interested in blogging as part of my career, but there's a glass ceiling on how willing I am to do a bunch of stuff that isn't writing. For now I just want to do things like finish up the glossary and get more than two items on most of my "lists." Once some of that's in place, I'll take a forward-facing assessment of the bullshit-to-writing ratio and decide what I'm up for.