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Monday, March 18, 2013

A (Not-Really) Spring Break

Everyone is smiling in this picture--even the patient.
They should probably check for N2O leaks.
Or maybe it's just the beginning of a creepy horror movie about dentists.
So I'm currently recovering from the second half of a deep cleaning.  Which is to say I'm feeling the Novocain wearing off with the same sense of dread with which Obi Wan Kenobi began to suspect that "that" was not a moon.  A deep cleaning is not anything so orally traumatic that I can't write, but not feeling half of your face does tend to make the fan-damn-tastic jokes that you've all come to cherish a little harder to pull out of my ass than normal.

It's like my sense of humor is numb on the left side too!

Also...this is spring break from my teaching gig and Non-WAW Chris is bugging my ass like a Whiny McWhinerkins to have a little bit of time off.  I keep telling him that I don't give a flying shitfuck if he takes some time off, but he seems to think my schedule has something to do with his.

So...I'm going to go off script a little this week to give myself a some lighter days.  I'm still going to put up stuff every day, but not the normal schedule of paint-by-numbers articles.  Just a little bit of lower key stuff.  I'm not talking "phone it in" easy, but not quite so "Holy flaming Archbishop BALLS, I've got to write an article FIVE MINUTES AGO" intense.  I'll probably get a report of where our poll is and try to drum up more people to vote on it.  (Hint hint, nudge nudge!)  I'm working on some fiction (that is probably a little too rough to go up this week).  And I have an idea for a series of articles about non-fiction writing.  I want to put up a prompt that I didn't get to yesterday because of housework.  I'm also wanting to get to the next part (or three) of the write up for DDC...seeing as--you know--it's almost a month later.

This may be a test balloon for ditching the formal update schedule too.  My most common complaint about blogging is that sometimes it's X day, and I really want to write about Y.  I'll probably keep The Mailbox  on a set day, just because that's generally pretty popular segment on the actual day I post.  (Probably because people check in to see if their questions have been answered.).  Everything else seems to get about 100-150 hits when I post it and then either go on to bring in a steady flow, a bit of a trickle, or a sad little dribble.  But not much is really affected by the day in which I post it.

Leela Bruce spent six weeks running all over the country looking for the new guest bloggers (who she found), and then hopped right over to do her segment, so I'm sure she won't mind the opportunity to take some time off.

Please don't make me touch its antenna.   Please.
P.S.  My analytics from Google say that I've got something rolling around on Reddit again (or the "Writing" sub-Reddit anyway). I don't play with Reddit so I have no "karma" but if someone who does wants to do me a solid over there, you could upvote it or something. The user name for the article is "ddcath."  (Which given my usual moniker on other social media and the name of my muse, I'm pretty sure means it's someone I know in person trying to help me out.)  If you want to find the article(s) by the username and give them some love, I'd obviously be grateful.

I'm not really on Reddit myself.  I've not had great experiences with Reddit, but I hear it's all about the subreddit. Every time someone posts one of my links (and it's always the same person with a username that makes me think they must be a regular trying to help AND probably know me personally), I usually follow the link back to see how it's doing out of morbid curiosity. Usually it just slips quietly into the night.

As it is, I already feel like I self-promote and pimp myself on social media too much during time better spent actually writing.  I don't really want to invest a lot MORE time to get karma that it would take to use Reddit.  But if someone who already has does wants to stop by over there and click a few clicks, I'd surely name a zombie after you in a story someday.

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