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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Back on Facebook

Writing About Writing now has a Facebook page (again).  


I've been loathe to use Facebook because they black out a page's fans from seeing all of the page's updates.  I'm not sure exactly how the algorithm works, but in a given post, fewer than half a page's fans might actually see it.  In fact, I sort of want to shove a Mr. Potato Head (complete with angry eyes) straight up Facebook's anthropomorphized ass without any warning or lube and then jiggle it when I'm pulling it out so all the little bits (like the ears and hat) end up stuck in there.

But maybe that's just me.

However, my personal FB page is not the place for the highest echelon of self-promotion.  My friends put up with enough blog talk from me as it is--at least on social media.  My real friends seem pretty supportive because they know how badly I want to be a writer but my old co-workers, old classmates, and cyberfriends are getting pretty fucking sick of me.  I saw a crowd outside my old house with pitchforks and torches.  Who says it's not sometimes good to wait more than ten days to update your DMV info.

The page is an okay way to follow W.A.W. if you don't mind missing a post or two.  (The G+ page or e-mail notifications are much better.)  My page includes daily updates from the blog, as well as a lot of the comics I find elsenet (like the ones I put on Potpourri).   There are often wordplay riddles and horrific puns that will make you clap as you groan.  I also put older posts there that I've gone back and retooled a little.  I try to make the group fun and interesting as something more than just a daily x-post.  If you're a word nerd or like writing, it should be entertaining.

Remember if you like that Facebook page, there are a few things you can do to keep both it (and you) getting the most updates you can.

1- Set a page (like W.A.W.) to send you notifications.  You'll get a badge number in the corner of your globe (like when you get a comment).  You still won't see every single post ever, because Facebook is the spawn of Satan, but you'll see more than will be displayed on your wall.

2- Like the things you like--even if you only like them a little.  The more you like a facebook page, the more of that page Facebook will show you.  So you can ensure that you see more of a page's posts by being generous with your "Like"s.

3- Share stuff!!  The only way this FB page is going to work long term is if it gets many more fans than are on my personal account.  So please feel encouraged to share things that I post there, and generate interest.


  1. Wait, so do I count as one of your real friends then? 'Cause I kinda barely know you (I've met you in person, what, twice?) but I really do super want to see you succeed! But as for the actual WRITING thing I pretty much have no interest in that since:
    a) I am not a writer
    b) I will never be a writer
    c) I never in a million years want to be a writer
    But, like, you seem super enthusiastic so I want to help as much as I can! Which is... not much. Hmm. *deflate*

    1. You count as someone I know outside of exclusively blog promoworld, so you know a lot more of the "real" me. Our meeting in meatspace helps, but mostly it's just that I've gotten to know you (a bit) over the five years or so we've followed each other on various media. I know we're not like bud buds, but I have several people I consider peeps with whom my relationship vectors are mostly preceded by an E.

      Thanks so much for the kind words though!!!!