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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Disneyland: A Reading Photolog

Writers read.

No, seriously, writers read.  They read constantly.  And to help illustrate how much writers read, I would like to share with you a few personal photos from my personal vacation to Disneyland*.

(*And if you're an agent of Disney, please let me know if any of these personal photos of my personal vacation that I'm sharing are problematic, and I will by all means, happily remove the free advertising post, and instead do two or three posts telling my 3500+ readers a week in grisly detail about my actual experience which was.....let's just say....not as awesome than these pictures reflect.)
Apparently I gave Goofy an idea for his own
series of novels.

Sorry about the disclaimer above.
As you can see, Disney can be a real stickler about the rules.

A writer can "read" a movie, but never forget
that their ability to create is rooted in
language.  There are no soundtracks or visual
effects in a book.  It's all words.  You have to

He's acting stoic, but I could tell
he was dying to know what happened next.

It's a world of werewolves a world of fae.
It's a world of vampires who shun the day.
There's a wizard named Harry.
Who fights all the stuff that's scary.
It's Nevernever after all.
All this talk about letting your imagination soar,
you'd think I wouldn't have gotten so many strange looks
for reading a book.
I guess their imaginations only soar into the next line.
Yeah. Yeah.  Giant castle.
Hang on.  Dresden's just gotten himself into trouble
trying to help a girl.
Which I realize could describe any chapter thus far.

Right.  Rebels.  Spy.  Death Star.  Empire.
Life as we know it.  Check.  I'm just going to
finish this chapter, kay?

We need you to put the book down
and save the universe from evil, sir.


Finished an entire book in the line for Cars.
That has more to do with the line than how fast I read.

Dresden will feel at home in "The Magical Kingdom"
Also, you guys ever notice the "point off in the
distance" motif of Disneyland statues?
"Technical Readouts of some battlestation?
Nah guys, this is just a Dresden novel.


Of course....it's possible that I may take things just a little too far from time to time....

Pages weren't the only thing turning.
Yes of course.
Talking fish.  Lemmie wrap up this paragraph,
and I'll take a look.

Why else would you want a car that drives itself?
This was the last straw for Unsupportive Girlfriend, and she stalked off as soon as we got off the ride.
Fortunately Supportive Girlfriend had been following me (or something) and showed up a few seconds later.
She helped me make this photolog, and was a great sport, and deserves many thanks.

Thanks Supportive Girlfriend!  What a weekend!

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