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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

March's Best

These are the three articles that will be going into The Best of Writing About Writing.

An Open Letter to Lynn Shepherd

Lynn Shepherd wrote an article for Huff Po about how J.K. Rowling should stop writing if she likes writing. I wrote Lynn Shepherd a reply.

The Mailbox: How Could You Do E-Pub. How COULD You?

Hate mail always gets good page views. It's like people enjoy conflict.  (I should make a note of that--it might be important as a writer.)

Pros and Cons of W.A.W.'s Social Media

I'm not sure how or why this did so well, but I updated my "Follow Us" tab and since it took several hours, I put it up as the day's post, and it got lots of love from Stumbleupon.

In other meta news from March:

Writing About Writing is, without benefit of either a viral post absolutely skyrocketing our numbers or me writing multiple posts a day, we have reached an average of 1000 page views a day.  It dips below quite often–sometimes by a lot–but the average has held strong for over a month.

Now I only need roughly ten times this number and I will be making roughly minimum wage!

I'm running behind where I want to be in scheduling because of the impact of The Contrarian that I wrote about, but I hope to get things like a new glossary entry and the (second to?) last part of A Demon's Rubicon up very soon.

As always, thank you all so much for reading.

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