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Sunday, April 27, 2014

TPS: Writing Links

[After a little over a year of them doing nothing but hanging out here at Writing About Writing and mooching off the free room and board.  And because Leela Bruce will kill me if I don't do something to end the sausage fest around here, it is my honor to introduce our newest guest bloggers: The Pointer Sisters*!  Pointing you toward some of the best links about writing that are on the web today.]

*Not to be confused with the wonderful R&B trio from Oakland.


Grammar Girl (You all need this bookmarked. All of you.)
Mike Rowe: Life Advice (I'm sure you can get how this could apply to writing.)


Chomsky: Media Manipulation Strategies (Don't fall prey to these machinations.)
E.B. White: The Role and Responsibility of the Writer (In as much as there is such a thing.)


What Speech Do Americans Like Best? (Much "incorrect" English usage is just unapproved dialects.)
Popular Social Justice Books (Lots of good stuff here for people who care.)


Neil Gaiman's Make Art Speech (This is breathtaking.)
Vonnegut: Motivational Posters (Some are silly, but some will inspire you.)


  1. The Vonnegut link points to the Gaiman speech.

    1. Thanks for catching that. It should be fixed now.