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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Amy Echeverri

Adults ask silly questions of children. "What do you want to be when you grow up?" A writer. A teacher. Adults nod sagely and tell the children that they're good kids, very good kids, here's a biscuit.

But here's the thing. Amy didn't understand that the adults were asking about her career. She thought they meant what she wanted to be. Not do. And Amy wanted to be a writer. Or a teacher. Maybe both, chuckled wise adults, cracking wise about the notion of the impoverished teacher and the penniless poet.

Amy continues to careen around all the meanings of a sentence and choose exactly the wrong one. Or the right one. It's a mystery. It does give her a skill in her technical writing career -- she can predict uncannily how a befuddled user will read text wrong. It's good to have a career that a kid can tell the folks about. Details about her smut writing career make for quietly uncomfortable family suppers. Meanwhile, her personal writing includes novels, role-playing games, live-action-role-playing games, and scripts for graphic novels. She'll write pretty much anything.

Amy is a writer. You can find her technical writer profile at LinkedIn.

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