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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lucky Number 7....7.....7

Yes I know $370 x 2 isn't $370. That's the second matcher.
A big thank you and congratulations to everyone who has contributed to our "Blogust" fundraiser.  So far we have secured $777 for Oakland Reads.

As a reminder, every donation to Writing About Writing is "matched" not once, but TWICE (plus the normal 10%). So if you've ever considered giving to Writing About Writing, now any donation will be tripled (with twice it's amount (plus ten percent) going to Oakland Reads.

And since our matching benefactors agreed to match every penny up to $1000, we could give them as much as two grand! If you've ever thought "Maybe I should give that Chris some money," now is a great time. Even though we got a couple of donations since I made this amazingly awesome graphic presentation, we still have over $600 to go that will still be matched.

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