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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sad Puppies are Sad

This isn't a proper entry. I'm still at Disneyland and still watching The Contrarian's head pop with excitement.

But can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Sad Puppies got their asses a little bit kicked at the Hugo awards*. Rather than see a whiter, maler, straighter, less diverse group of books muscle to victory by manipulating the nomination process, no winner was declared at all. Several categories saw no award (or "Noah Ward" if you're keeping track), and those that were left, largely showed Sad Puppies the door. Can we take a moment to smile that a bunch of entitled white men were not able to UNdiversify one of the two most prestigious awards in science fiction?

I think we can.

*I do feel awful for the authors that didn't realize they'd been slated and got slighted because of it. The sad puppies created some painful collateral damage.


  1. Not a member, but as a science fiction fan, not giving out awards at a awards show is really a slap in the face. I have not always agreed with the outcomes of the Hugos, but i think the authors who were nominated would likely want to kick the asses of the people who make such decisions. I think the Hugo's just lost a bit of their shine and credibility. As far as entitled white people, you seem fairly entitled yourself, working as a house husband and a writer, a difficult profession to make great money in, even for the talented. I see no winners in the outcome of the Hugo's, no winners at all. Good Luck with your writing.

  2. Some authors/creators who realized that they got nominated by the Puppy slates, and then voluntarily withdrew their nominations. To paraphrase a posted rationale: "I'm only interested in winning a Hugo when the process hasn't been rigged in my favor". So we know that some authors had a different response than the response which Bobby imagines.

    Meanwhile, the people who run the Hugos are well aware that their process got hacked, and they're working to make this a one-time setback, just as people respond to computer hacks by closing off vulnerabilities.

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