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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fall 2015 Schedule

A new semester means a new Update Schedule (which will reflect the info below in the next couple of days) and since we're focused on quality over quantity and no longer so fettered to daily content and the almighty page view, (instead fettering ourselves to acquiring and impressing donors) there are going to be HUGE changes to the Writing About Writing schedule, and the general paradigm we try to use.

The biggie that I will mention "above the fold" is that we're going to start taking weekends off. It's been a long run of daily content–usually with more tears than smiles–but I would rather post a couple of articles some days, have weekends off and give you all the best of me on a working schedule. And since I'll still write every day, that'll actually help the quality of posts here–including fiction and meatier articles.

Chances are the posting quantity will not go down. There may just be "brunch posts" (an idea I never fully abandoned) a couple of week days each week. Usually things like "plot arcs" or me having fun–exactly the sorts of things I usually post on weekends these days.

This may look like kind of a step "back," but it's actually probably going to make the blog better. Thanks to lots of donations (and lots of solid and OMG breathtaking donations), Writing About Writing is edging into the territory of

So here is the new schedule (it'll start next week):

Mon- Mailbox! On Monday I will usually run the mailbox. (Ask me anything about writing [and some other stuff] at chris.brecheen@gmail.com) This enormously popular segment runs weekly. As long as I have questions, I will do it every week. If I get more questions than I can answer in a weekly segment, I will start answering more questions.

Tues- Lighter fare. (Short posts, "the very basics," things that have become inordinately popular on my public Facebook. I teach a class on Monday nights, so Tuesdays will have to be a little lighter.)

Wed- One of my goals for 2015 includes having a bigger article three times a week, and Wednesday is probably the best day for that. Probably it will be off or on until I find my "sea legs." I would love to tell you that I will always get a good post up on Wednesday because I diligently used my time during the weekend to draft articles and didn't waste a moment of it. I would love to tell you that you can count on me to be regimented and disciplined with my Tuesday night, and that I'll always come through for you and never look up from trying to make headshot achievements in Borderlands II and realize that it's three in the morning. Unfortunately it might be hard to tell you this, seeing as I will be trying to say it through the tears of laughter.

Thurs- Guest posts. With now two regular not-me bloggers here at Writing About Writing (The wonderful Claire Youmans and Amy Echeverri–who will have her own menu by tomorrow.) If I don't have a post from either of them (or maybe one from any of you: door's always open hint hint winkwinknudgenudge) I will probably run some kind of filler, but my hope is that I can incorporate MORE voices.

Fri- On Fridays I usually put out a "meaty article" (as in heft not a shitty erotica euphemism for cock).

Posts will usually be up by noon Pacific, but "The Toddler Factor"™can cause anything to change, and I may very well hit "Post" as my last conscious act and only through sheer force of will.

Brunch posts- Mailbox shorts, plot arc posts, "quickies" and various other things I would have posted on the weekends in the past will probably go up roughly twice a week. The more I try to pin down when (or even if) the more likely I am to be miserable. So let's just say they will happen between zero and five times a week and on any given day. That should just about cover my bases.

Of course if you really want to hedge your bets for a good run of articles in a given week, a groupie threesome the weekend before will likely motivate me to write for hours on end, and inspire a week of exceptional productivity. No? Fair enough. Catch as catch can then.

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