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Saturday, August 8, 2015

What Pratchett Book Will Chris Read (Last Call For Nominations)

Tomorrow I will be compiling the top ten or so nominations for the "What introduction book to Pratchett is the best" poll. Which ever book wins I will sit down and read no matter how dry I find it.

If you're still looking to nominate a book, second an existing book, or see if offering me sexual favors will get your favorite book on the poll without getting a second (it would probably work), you only have ONE DAY left. So head over there and see how our poll is shaping up.

Reminder: I'm told by Gaiman and Pratchett fans both that Good Omens "doesn't count" (so the fact that I've read it doesn't really get me a proper introduction to Pratchett) and The Color of Magic has already been unsuccessfully tried.

Please please please if you nominate a new Pratchett book do it on the original post. That'll increase the chances that someone will see it and second it as well as keeping my life sane by having everything I need to create the poll in one place.

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  1. "...keeping my life sane..."

    {gasp} Oh my... {gasp} gods, SO FUNNY!!! {wipes eyes}

    You lost any chance of having a sane life when that adorable junior superhero showed up. Welcome to the insane train! Embrace it, love it... it's really much easier than fighting it. On the other hand, refusing to give in might allow you to develop the OCD superpower. Trust me, it's not as awesome as it sounds.

    Super OCD Woman