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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

July's Best

Though July was a lackluster month at the end of my teaching gig and in the throes of a completely overwhelming schedule. I did get a couple of decent posts fired off. Here are the best of July's offerings. That will push on to the heights of fame and glory (third rate internet fame and glory) in The Best of W.A.W.

What About Harper Lee's New Book (Mailbox)

Someone asked me if I'd be reading the new book. From what I've heard since I wrote this, I might actually skip it, but I still sort of want to see how bad badness is.

Big News

We made a major change here at writing about writing. You may have already noticed it.

No More Dots (Social Justice Metaphors)

Some days the best metaphors come from just farting around on Facebook when thinking about the good old days playing World of Warcraft with my awesome Warlock who would have absolutely pwned your face.....off.

The big meta news is, of course, our completely irrational pie-in-the-sky attempt to make sixty thousand page views in August. Right now we're not even close to what we would need day to day.  Though 1,300 and 1,400 days are impressive, and August is looking like it will be a pretty spiffy month compared with pretty much any month this year (or at least since Stumbleupon jackholed themselves so hard that they couldn't even successfully take my money). Still, those numbers need to be up around 2k for me to pull this off–at least without something going unexpectedly viral.

I'm currently hosting a visit from parental unit number 1, and writing in the cracks and crevasses of time. There's going to be a lot of pressure to be awesome in the middle of the month.

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