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Monday, September 21, 2015

Red Shift Week (Personal Update)

I'm pretty sure we're using this word wrong.
Even metaphorically.
You may have noticed that last week went to crapfully crap.  And though the fewer details I share about physiological trials and tribulations, the better, I'll just say that this could be taken....literally.

I'm sure the imagination boggles. As well it should.

I didn't know it, but even as early as Monday, I was already getting sick. I thought it was just feeling kind of down and just sort of listless and extraordinarily unmotivated about starting writing the articles I had cooking, but then a mildly upset tummy joined the fray like the uninvited Uncle who shows up at Thanksgiving. And some other G.I. troubles came along like the girlfriend you think might be on smack who comes with the uncle who shows up uninvited at Thanksgiving. The Contrarian turned out to be a couple of days ahead of me on the exact same track of symptoms, so by Tuesday night I recognized what was going on and I knew I was coming down with something.

Sure enough, Wednesday I ended up basically bed ridden and cheerleading my white blood cells to do the very best in delivering cheesy eighty punzingers in Austrian accents as they coup de gras'ed the invading legions of germs. To the untrained eye, this may have looked like sleeping a lot, and waking up drenched from the on-again-off-again fever breaking, but I assure you that I was off the chain with enthusiastic support.

Thursday I was better but still recovering. (And The Contrarian was ALL better, so you can imagine how much of a joy it was being sick and running around after a healthy toddler.) I often write on such days–because I write every day–but usually the stuff that ends up in the "for me" pile. I noodle some fiction, post on my Facebook wall too much, and scribble furiously on my groupie threesome erotica. (Fevered writing has never been so literal!) But it's tough to be under deadline when you're still dealing with the occasional non-optional race to the nearest unoccupied restroom.

It basically lasted until Friday, effectively obliterating most of my productivity for the whole week. And if you were paying attention last week, I actually was going to be going out of order because I was working on a very difficult mailbox about how white males can write characters who aren't. Unfortunately, I didn't even really get ahead on that enough to be BACK on schedule this week. When I didn't "call in," I jazz handed pretty unabashedly.

So what we're going to do is just call last week a complete wash and proceed with this week exactly as last week was planned. I'm going to push the entire week to this week. The mailbox I pushed from Monday to Wednesday will go up THIS Wednesday. Today I will finish up 15 Things a Very Cute Toddler Taught Me About Writing for my main post. And the rest of the week will proceed according to the exact plan I had for last week.

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