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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Wash Week (Brunch)

I'm still sick.

I'm no longer bed ridden and fading in and out of a low grade fever, waking from frighteningly sudden naps with my sheets and t-shirt soaked through.  However, I am still run down, feeling cruddy, and suffering from a persistent cough. Me and The Contrarian are definitely going to snuggle up and watch Cars this afternoon.

It's time to get back writing, but I'm still a bit too fuzzy to be writing stuff that I want to publish. I also know that this is probably what was affecting my motivation and mood earlier in the week before the full blown symptoms. The Contrarian got it too, and he just seemed a little tired and listless before the symptoms started.

Fortunately it's Thursday, which means that (right after this) I'll be putting up a guest post. Maybe this weekend I can get a little something up to make up for this week as I continue to clean up tabs.

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