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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

MOAR MUSES (And Miscellany)

I'm beginning to learn that any hope for a "meaty" article going up on Wednesday is predicated on having a productive weekend, and not one spent running around Southern California putting out familial fires.  One of these days I'm going to have a "normal" week, I swear.

But that's okay since I have some important announcements to make, and I'm behind on various other clean up efforts. And of course I'm starting to send out thank you notes.


While we literally couldn't do everything we do here at Writing About Writing (whether it's take a night off to focus on writing, get a babysitter tag in for a few hours a week to focus on writing, posting daily–sometimes even twice–on weekdays, getting up more than one "meaty" article a week, or giving really nice donations to children's literacy programs), some of our donors and supporters go far above and beyond our average donation of about $15.  The patron muses have donated lump sums to Writing About Writing that make me gasp in horror and check to make sure that they are going to be able to afford rent, set up substantial monthly donations, were my "biggest fan" and encouraged me back before anyone (but them) really even knew I was writing at all, help me by beta reading and pointing out my mistakes so posts aren't even worse, and sometimes who just like and share so much stuff on W.A.W.'s Facebook Page that I know over the years, I've been seen by probably tens of thousands more people because of their influence on the FB algorithm. And of course my impeccable sense of decorum prevents me from going into detail about any hawt groupie action that may have inspired me.

So today I am breathlessly honored to add Ginger and Anna to our list of patron muses, bringing the total to eight: Ginger, Anna, Laura, Gillian, Alisha, Kelly, Terra, and Tracesea.

Don't forget there's always room for one more!

Still grinding out some thank you notes. The first of them should start going out today. (They have kind of a "core" similarity, but each one is actually written to each donor because I just can't stand to send form letters.)

Lastly, we got the first of our "Blogust" fund raiser feedback back. After trying for hours and even waiting a couple of days for an e-mail to get back to me, I gave up on trying to send that money to the overall Oakland Reads org, and just went into their "Classes in need" section and gave to those.

Mrs. Solly got the tail end of our $535, so she still has $339 if anyone wants to help her out.

The other $500 got spread around a bit, and I will share those thank you notes with you as they come in, since they are essentially thank you notes to all of YOU!

Thank you all so much!

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