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Monday, December 21, 2015

My God! It's Almost Christmas! (Personal Update)

Yesterday I was looking at the calendar–specifically the date–and I realized I was looking at a two. As in the 20th. As in five days until Christmas.

It took me a moment to realize all the implications. It's already the 20th????  (Now it's the 21st????) I still haven't done any shopping. There are a half a dozen people I haven't shopped for who don't live with me that are now either going to get Amazon gift cards or late presents. And even though I'm a fan of online shopping, I'm going to have to get out to get some stocking stuffers and some stuff for under the tree.

When I shifted gears here at writing about writing two weeks ago in order to help family with Big Honking Health Issues™, I wasn't messing around. I've worked sixty hour weeks both weeks since then, and that's before I sat down to write a word. Life is going to be pretty different for the foreseeable future.

Part of my new help-out-the-family-schedule involves taking a little more time off around holidays when I'm needed most, so I figured I'd give you a peak of the next couple of weeks. I'm not going to just hiatus until the new year, but things will get a little tricky.

Post today (this one), then tomorrow (of a very jazz handian nature), and Wednesday I have a small review of The Force Awakens (which will contain spoilers so if you're subscribed and haven't seen it, don't read that post). It's not a should you see the movie, review, but more of a what-can-we-learn-as-a-writer review.

Then I'll take Christmas eve and day off, plus the weekend. Next week will be similar. I'll post on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (mostly some lighter stuff), and then take New year's eve and day off. During this time, I plan to send the last of the criminally overdue thank you notes out, so if you still haven't gotten one for a donation you made in 2015, you are in the last batch, and should see it soon.

So if you'll excuse me, I think I need to go do some fucking shopping.

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