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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Something in the Oven

So I've been working on something.

It's not done, but it's formed enough to be rolled out. It marks one of the changes that will be happening here at Writing About Writing.

For about the past two years I've been shoehorning social justice topics into a writing container, either as "metaphors" or under the auspices of "narrative." And those topics are important, and will still be visited here from time to time, but I'm rolling out a brand new blog where I don't have to work so hard to bring the connective tissue back to writing and where I'm not stretching the pretense to tissue-paper-thinness to post it here.

I give you.... Social Justice Bard.

Or at least the proto form of it. Subject to layout changes, color changes, added widgets, and any other knob fiddling I might do.

Since all my writing will always be centralized here at W.A.W., I will put up a compilation of SJB's articles each weekend. The only way that this will affect W.A.W.'s posting schedule is that with fewer social justice posts here, we'll be able to get down to more of the writing stuff.

Hopefully that's a good fix both for people who wish I'd write more about social justice, and for people who wish I'd write less.

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