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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

November's Best

The few. The proud. The higher page-viewed than others.

These three posts will go on to be immortalized in our Best of W.A.W. menu.

(And yes if you're thinking "Hey, didn't Chris say he was going to do a Vlog today," you're right. Now that I'm feeling better, everyone else in the house is sick (including the contrarian) so it's been a nightmare, plus I started to try and record it (I never get it on the first try) I realized that my voice was hoarse and cracking from my own cold. So that might just have to wait.

Cis Het White Male Authors and Their Characters (Part 2) The second part of an involved question about how white people can write from non-white viewpoints.

The Sad Breath Between Vacations (Personal Update) 
Half personal update and half eulogy to a friend whose time came entirely too soon.

Those Coddled Minorities
The question is who is coddling whom?

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