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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


So....just a quick update today.

Really an excuse, an update, and a change of plans.

I probably should have remembered that writing the "In the Loop*" letter to the various high level patrons takes the whole day and I should cancel any kind of blog post in its honor. That'll go out in just a few, but it took most of the day to draft and craft and revise. (Nothing but the best for those folks!)

I still want to do a week of Mailbox posts, but at this point this "week" is down to only two days. Plus I'm running behind (not ahead) on all this writing, and Thursday is usually a train wreck if I'm not sitting on a mostly finished article by Wednesday night. (I'm not. Not even close. I'm sitting on a chair and it has no article on it.) So I'm going to reschedule the "Mailbox week" to NEXT week. That way I can do a full and proper Monday through Friday.

Wall-to-wall Mailbox love.

*If you are a $25+ Patreon patron, gave $50+ to the Triexta Kickstarter, or are a "Patron Muse" there is an "In the Loop" email I put out every month to six weeks that updates folks on some less public goings on of my life.

If you'd like to become a patron at one of the levels to get such an e-mail, you can sign up for Patreon at any time, make a donation to Triexta through Paypal (label it "For Triexta" where it tells gives you the option of adding a note, and I will make sure to hand add you to the appropriate reward tier--unfortunately the Kickstarter has closed, so this is the only way to donate specifically to this project). Of course you can also become a patron muse of the blog, but this usually involves large donations, solid monthly donations (which are better done through Patreon now), or fiercely supporting the blog in non monetary ways.

I also have a Venmo if you prefer to avoid Paypal. chris.brecheen@gmail.com 

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