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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Worst Page Turner (Quarterfinal 3)

Just a quickie here to post the results of our third quarterfinal for the Worst Book You Couldn't Put Down poll.

Text version of results at the bottom of the post.

I've gotten some questions, so just to clarify, the "winners" (at the top of the poll) are the worst page turners and will go on to the semifinal rounds. The "losers" (the bottom three titles) have either been deemed not terrible enough or not addictive and irresistible enough.

Stay tuned!  The third quarterfinal will be going up just a little later today.

Divergent Series- V. Roth 64 34.97%
Eragon- C.Paolini 56 30.6%
Bridges of Madison County-R.J. Waller 15 8.2%
White Gold Weilder-S. Donaldson 14 7.65%
The Girl on the Train P. Hawkins 14 7.65%
Under the Dome S.King 13 7.1%
Name of the Wind- P. Rothfuss 7 3.83%

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