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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Worst Page Turner (Quarterfinal 4 Results)

Here are the results of our final quarterfinal for worst book you just couldn't put down.

Text based results below.

Blake and above will be going on to the semifinal round. Everything below was either deemed too actually decent or not page-turny enough.

Be sure and stay tuned. We are now through the quarterfinals, so all the picks that made it will be combined into the semifinal rounds. The first one will go up later today.

Atlas Shrugged A. Rand 50 32.68%
The Mortal Instruments-C.Clare 30 19.61%
Left Behind—T. LaHaye 17 11.11%
Anita Blake-L.K. Hamilton 14 9.15%
Wizard’s First Rule-T. Goodkind 12 7.84%
Lord Foul’s Bane-S.R. Donaldson 11 7.19%
Looking for Alaska-J. Green 11 7.19%
Friday-R.Heinlein 8 5.23%

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